The Revival of my Sewing Machine

Its been a loooong time since the ole Viking has seen the light of day.

My credit cards and license have been flying around since a tube of lip gloss exploded inside my former wallet so I thought it was time to make a replacement.

This beautiful fabric was formerly a halter top (never gonna wear THAT) from Noa Noa, a company that makes beautiful batik print island-wear. The hot pink thread compliments the colors and really pops. I need to make the zig zag stitches tighter, more of a satin stitch.

The inside got a little crazy. Next time Im going to stick with a dark overall color instead of this insane bee print.

Overall, my cards are cozy, theres a place for bills (god willing I have some) and I now have a wallet that matches one of my favorite skirts!

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