Crazy Outfits for a Crazy Climate

My college roommate recently sent me some outfits for Lil Mr A.

For starters, when I took these pictures I didnt realize that the buttons go in the front (please, dont ask what I was thinking) so his clothes are on backwards. I can no longer make fun of my mother for making the exact same mistake.

This outfit brings up two very important issues: fashion in Hawaii and properly dressing for weather in Waimea.

Unlike O'ahu, Big Island is not what I (or anyone else) would consider "fashion forward". Sure, there is the occasional Fendi bag or Jimmy Choo sandal, but the vast majority of people here could give a shit about who they are wearing. Here, its all about comfort. Most folks just throw on some flip flops, shorts & a t-shirt and call it a day. Although there is an inordinate amount of label worship for mainstream board riding companies like Roxy, Quicksilver and Billabong; people going any further into fashion are more likely to be tourists. The Big Island is like a big college campus.

...which is why this outfit works here. Its a little quirky, a little loud, and a little dated. Its like a full-body Aloha shirt. If not from Hawaii, this child would be from that weird, hippy family. Or possibly SE Portland.

The second reason this outfit is perfect for Ikaika is because its the perfect outfit for weather in Waimea. Most people would assume that because I live in Hawaii I am baking in the 80 degrees and balmy breeze 325 days out of the year. Places like that exist, but require 15 minutes in the car. Waimea/Kamuela is a mountain ranching town and, as such, experiences all kinds of weather. A typical day in Waimea will be 75 and sunny in the morning and 65 and drizzly in the evening. Im pretty attached to the idea of layering and sweatpants so I prefer living in Waimea and playing in a more "Hawaiian" climate.

Because forecasting is a crap shoot, this roomy, full body outfit made of light cotton fabric is PERFECT! Its cool enough so the warm moments arent stifling and yet covers enough skin that the breeze wont make him shiver. Its light enough to wear to the beach but still offers generous sun protection (and dries quickly to boot!).

My only real complaint about this outfit is that the legs didnt separate (what an antiquated way to construct toddler clothes!) but thats nothing Velcro cant fix. Thanks again Mel!


  1. He's giving it a thumbs up!

  2. Melodie28.8.09

    I'm so happy it fit him! Adorable as usual. ;o)