Midwest to Northwest - a Family BBQ

Ikaika and I spent the entire day in transit on Friday and have finally made it to Oregon. He was awesome on the flights. Mostly flirted with whoever was closest then fussed for a couple minutes before falling asleep.

This trip, although it sounded great in theory, is turning out to be totally exhausting! I have a whole new appreciation for my friends who have jobs that force them to travel constantly. By the time Ickey and I had reached Denver I couldnt stop wishing I actually lived in Colorado. Tonight we have to load up onto a train for Seattle. ARRG!

Yesterday was long anticipated and much needed time with Mr As family. Like most every Hawaiian family gathering, we had a BBQ in Uncles backyard! Everyone came over except those who couldnt due to work schedules (or geographic complications). The best part of the day, in my opinion, was a toss up between seeing Mr As daughters play with Ikaika (I know he wont remember it but I always hear horror stories about situations like this so it was a huge bonus that they were so sweet and accepting) and seeing Mr A sweat it out as he navigated through his first "meeting the boyfriend" experience. My husband has an almost unnatural amount of self-confidence, so it was refreshing to see him nervous for once!

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