16 and Pregnant

Theres a show on Mtv about preggo teenagers. My sister generously DVRed all of them and we are having a 16&P-Fest tonight.

We all like the show but cant quite decide whats the moral of the story. Is it glorifying teen pregnancy or is it supposed to be deterring kids from sex? It almost seems like it would promote babies as much as discourage them. I want to see the year-later follow-up show when the baby is older, rowdier, awake longer, demanding, and everyone has more opinions.

I think its weird how they dont talk about the realities of how expensive babies are. The show doesnt really talk about the expenses in any concrete way (do they have insurance, if they are bottle feeding do they get formula from a state assistance program, are they getting their shwag new or used, etc). I would think that most of these kids are probably broke and a few have said so much during their show, but they all formula feed and have gads and gads of junk for their baby.

When it comes right down to it, the only things you really NEED for a newborn are a carseat, a stack of cloth diapers, 5 changes of clothes (sleepers are multi purpose), and maybe a blanket. Absolutely everything else is optional. These kids should save themselves some money and breastfeed.

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