Professional Baby Portraits

Im considering having Ikaikas picture taken in a studio. I havent had professional photos taken since senior year of high school so Im really wrestling with this decision.

Digital technology has made it possible for me to take hundreds of photos of the baby, crop, edit, whatever, so Ive never thought that I needed a professional and have often wondered if it would be worth the money. Ive often fantasized about getting a "family picture", but when I thought about what we would all wear I got so overwhelmed that I just gave up.

Ultimately, Ive decided to spent the 5 bucks and get some pictures taken. Just to see what the experience would be like. If nothing else, grandparents will appreciate it. I still dont know what the baby should wear but after talking with Mo we have decided the simpler the better and to just not put that much thought into it. There is the option of the "naked baby" photo, but it would require him to lay on his stomach and at 9 months, thats just not as natural for him.

Here are some things I like and dislike about baby pictures. This girl seems really uncomfortable. It seems "age inappropriate".

This baby looks cuter but still somewhat cheezy. She (?) seems more relaxed.

I like this. I think that what keeps driving me to a pro is the desire for diffused lighting. I would want the picture to really highlight Ikaikas eyes without making him looks like creepy ghost baby/zyborg.

This is my favorite. It has a vintage feel and the baby seems both happy and relaxed without actually smiling.
Obviously, this is not what Im going to get at JC Penny, but still...I wish I lived in St Louis!!!


  1. Hmm. I like hoodie baby and clapping baby best. Sepia toned baby is not my favorite. Still, I think Ickey will be massively cuter than any of these lame babies.

  2. Oh Lady, why didn't you tell me you wanted portraits? I'm no professional, but I can kick out some mean baby photos and I would have totally done some while we were in Sconnie! Good luck and can't wait to see your adorable baby boy's photos!

  3. Tucker - even the small amount of pics you did take will probably get more wall time in my house than whatever portraits I end up getting done. Im mostly doing this for gifts/curiosity!

  4. Fair enough! I have more, I will edit them and then send you the link. Also, Beth may have suggested that I come to Hawaii with the rest of the fam in November? If I do, we can do a shoot with you 3 and then the whole family if you want! :) Hope youare doing well dear!