Palu Girl

The liver flush did not go as intended and I spent 2:30-3am puking my guts out. I came to three important conclusions

1) Olive oil was never meant to be consumed straight up
2) This particular cleanse is lose money and I will never be doing it again
3) I should chew my food more thoroughly

Today is "hair day" for the detox diet thing - I gave myself a nice scalp massage with jojoba oil this morning and will be taking a purifying bath later tonight. I only drank one glass of OJ-from-hell and have since eaten a grilled cheese sandwich and some more cookies because after a night like last night my stomach just wanted something comforting and delicious. Eating all plants and nuts and berries all day yesterday just made me really hungry and antsy for no reason.

I dont know why Im suddenly feeling like I need to be flushed out or cleaned up or whatever. I guess since the baby was born (7 months ago) Ive felt weird, for lack of a better word. Like I spent all these months carrying this thing inside me, a parasite of sorts, and then it left my body and now I feel almost like there are still little parts of it in there and I want them out, too. I like my son, but I like him best as a completely autonomous being. Physically. On that train of thought, maybe Ill never stop feeling this way until I stop breastfeeding.

Hmm...starting to sound kind of wacky. Must be the olive oil talking.


  1. I have never really felt like I needed something to assist me with flushing my body out like olive oil. But, something that has always helped me is eat only fresh veggies and fruit. That will seriously flush you out. Just eat like a bag of apples or something. Or a huge stir-fry of chopped veggies.

  2. Oh, also, don't eat any meat if you eat only veggies or it will cancel out the effect. But, I'm sure you already know that.