Monday Fonday and the Wimpy Cleanse

Heres whats going on today.

My friends sister has challenged people to get in the pictures they take of their kids. Here is my attempt at participation.


Im trying not to catch whatever it is Mr A has had going on for the last week. Ive been neti potting twice a day and using colloidal silver nose spray once or twice a day as well.

Im also attempting a wimpy, half-ass detox. I dont want to go with the full master cleanse or super liver cleanse program because Im still breastfeeding and not sure Ikaika would dig it if I dont eat for two weeks.

But I will commit to the half-ass version (its the three day program found in The Green Beauty Guide). I have thus far today taken a purifying shower where I cleansed and massaged my skin with olive oil after an invigorating pre-shower dry brushing of the body.
Ive been "enjoying" a glass of Detox Drink every two hours (enjoy = not really enjoying it at all). The drink consists of a lemon, orange, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, olive oil, maple syrup, and cloves. Truly disgusting.
Ive been eating a light and vegetarian diet with the exception of the milk on my cereal this morning (forgot to check the directions before breakfast) and the three Mauna Loa Toffee Crunch Cookies I ate after lunch (damn you for opening those, Mr A!)

For lunch I had a spinach apple soup with almonds and the other half of the apple.

The soup is:
2C tightly packed spinach leaves
1/2 apple, peeled and chopped
1/2C water plus a little more to thin, if necessary
1tsp fresh lemon juice
Dash salt
1/2 ripe avocado

It all goes into the blender and comes out looking like this

For dinner I ate some marinated kale with olives and pine nuts. Yum yum! Too bad I have to follow it with another glass of "orange juice from hell".

Then later tonight I will sit myself down in front of my lap top with a shot glass, a bottle of olive oil, a bottle of lemon juice, a hot water bottle and Fellowship of the Ring, Extended Version. Where I will promptly begin a light liver cleanse.

But first, I have to feed Ikaika his dinner - kabocha, kale and oatmeal. Lucky for him, I pureed some dried apricots yesterday so hes in for a treat tonight!

Obviously, nothing exciting happened today but tomorrow I am checking out a "moving to the mainland" sale and everything is A DOLLAR!!! So hopefully that will be awesome (I got a tea kettle at a garage sale last week but it was $2 so this could be better)


  1. Oh my gosh. Awesome post!

    You look so tan!!! I can't believe it. You were always so worried about tanning when you were in Thailand!

    Also, the menu portion of your post was interesting. Sounds really healthy but not so appetizing on the eyes.

    Keep it up, Ikaika's mommy!!!

  2. nice cup, lady. but give me a spinach salad topped with apple and avocado over the puree, please!