Onion Face Mask and Ginger Soda

Lots of stuff to post about today - none of it all that interesting

  • I am on the final day of this crazy detox thing. Ive forsaken the Green Goo Drink and the completely vegetarian diet but Ive dont all the spa/pampering things. Today is Face Day and I started my day with a sugar scrub followed by an intense mask (puree a medium onion and combine that with some oatmeal until its solid enough to stay on your face - try to ignore the burning in your eye sockets/keep your eyes closed, lay down and let it dry, rinse with tepid water) followed by a light facial massage with 10 drops of jojoba oil. Im going to drink a gallon of water today and then later tonight I will steam my face with chamomile, apply another (gentler) mask.
  • I found this recipe for a ginger drink, something comparable to ginger ale. Im going to attempt to make this tonight but Im using honey instead of agave nectar.
  • I made Pancit last night and lets just say we should leave the Filipino foods to the Filipino people. I made Kare-Kare last week and Mr A complained that it wasnt soupy enough - then the Pancit was too soupy. Arrg!
  • Tonight for dinner we are having Guava Chicken. I dont know how it will turn out and I dont know if I can handle any more disappointment!
  • The baby has officially become Mr GetIntoEverything! I cant take my eyes off of him for a second or else hes reaching his hands into the toilet, eating the tax return papers, tearing the jackets off of all my books, crawling into the closet to get the sewing scissors, etc. Yikes! I desperately need a bookshelf so I can get this stuff off the floor and out of his reach!
  • I talked to a diaper service today and they mentioned something about how if you rinse the diaper it will mold and then ruin the entire batch. Uh...I think I need to go and wash a load of diapers...right now! I also need to find a way to rig up a clothes line outside because without drying in the sun the dipes have gotten very dingy and gross.

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  1. How do you steam your face with chamomile? Do you just boil it in a pot and stick your face over it? Why is that good for you? I want to try it.