Ho'olaulei'a & MOPS

Yesterday was Waimea Middle School's May Day production and ho'olaulei'a (carnival thing?). I missed all the good stuff, the hula and songs and presentation of May Day court, but I did show up in the afternoon for the carnival. Ikaika and I walked around with Mr A and saw his classroom, met his students, etc. There was a dunk tank but Mr A refused to go in it, much to his students dismay. Sure took us back to our Boys & Girls Club days.

I missed the morning events because I was attending my very first MOPS meeting. MOPS, or Mothers of PreSchoolers, is...well...exactly what it sounds like. It was so much fun! We had a little tea party with tea foods and china cups and CHILDCARE! - again, it was so much fun.
I really appreciated being able to talk with other women who more or less understand what Im going through and the challenges I am facing. These are all well educated, service oriented mothers and wives (many of whom have moved to the island from the mainland and many who are either local and married to a haole or haole and married to a local) who are active in their church and seeking out relationships with other mothers. These are Titus 2 women! I am a Titus 2 woman! At any rate, it was great to get out of the house and talk with someone who isnt my husband and have someone else watch my kid for an hour or two.

Today we are going to a graduation party where the food is sure to be exceptional. Although probably not as tasty as the kale seen smeared all over Ickeys face here!

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