High Society at the Country Club

Last nights party was fun fun and fun with a side of WAAAAY too much food! Of course, the best part of any party in Hawaii is after the sun goes down and everyone (adults) sits outside and kanikapila (plays music and sings), chats and occasionally plays an impromptu game of jump rope! We even got to watch the big UFC fight and the fighter I prefer won so I was satisfied.

Last night i fell in love with the Ergo baby carrier. My friend has one and let me borrow it and I carried Ikaika around all night (that is, when Keita's mom finally gave him up!) front-packing, back-packing, you name it! He fell asleep in the pack and I was able to just keep on keepin on! No baby monitors necessary. Its very comfortable, unlike Baby Bjorn, and more hands free than a sling. There is even a little flap that protects baby from the wind and sun. I hear they are made on Maui.

Today we went to the Waimea Country Club (they least "country club"ish country club I have ever been too - my range balls were given to me in a plastic bag!). Even the baby got to play a little. He started dropping the golf balls into the hole and Im wondering if that is some new stage of development. Should I get him some toys that have like different shapes that go in different holes? I felt for a moment like if I didnt do something to harness and foster his developing talents that he would turn out to be a dunce with zero creativity. I believe the words "must buy toys" kept flashing through my mind. But I think Im just overreacting and Ill probably stick to letting him play with power cords and slips of paper.

Did I mention he was Mr Bare Bunz?

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  1. Awwwww....his bare buns are so cute!!!!