Two Different Waimeas

Well, the move to Waimea didnt go exactly as expected. Or maybe it did...

If you reference back to my previous post regarding the move, I expressed some apprehension about stuff (cant remember what stuff right now). Long story short, the house did NOT work out. Its on the "green/wet side" of Waimea. Sad face.

Let me explain briefly that there is 1 town of Waimea but 2 completely different "sides". One part of Waimea is directly on the edge of a rainforest and up in the mountains so its cold, rainy and basically looks a lot of the weather of the northwest but with huge plants straight out of Jurrasic Park. The other side is arid, desert-like and windy (HPA's mascot isnt the kamakanis for nothing). Today, for example, the wet side was rainy, overcast and in the mid 60s. The dry side was clear skies, sunny and mid 70s. These two faces of Kamuela (another name for Waimea) are only 5-10 minutes apart. Its crazy.

Because Im not organized enough to stay on top of black mold issues and because we didnt move half way across the world to freeze our asses off ala Portland, we are moving again. We are moving to the dry side (we need to stay in Waimea because Mr A has now accepted a full time sub position at Waimea Middle School - health class no less! - we got a PO Box here, Mr A is a "middle of the island" kind of guy, etc).

The place is a studio that could best be described as a "midget house". Its like a teeny tiny mini house. Ill take some pictures when we finally get over there. I will also have internet and cell phone reception there, a bonus compared to where we live now. Therefore, I should be able to be more frequent with the blog updates...in theory.

Baby Ickey is well. We were at the beach this morning and he went into the water full blast for the first time. Im going to pick him up a little infant sit-in-the-innertube thing tomorrow when we go into Hilo (he borrowed one today and it worked out nicely). I felt like today was the first time that Ive really been able to "play" with Ikaika at the beach. Super fun and so cute.

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