Boys and their Toys

Im never going to spend money on toys. Despite owning a wide enough selection of baby oriented entertainment, these are his favorites...

electrical/power cords, esp. the car charger kind.

this cardboard box (he has master balancing with one hand after HOURS and HOURS of practice)

the volleyball, much to Mr As delight

and Mr As wedding band (he had already been playing with it for about a half hour so his frustration wasnt necessarily instantaneous)

He also likes garbage (anything crinkly or shiny is a winner - chip bags or the recycling bag filled with cans) and books or paper (anything to rip and/or chew on). Ive already lost two book jackets and a soft cover novel. Im going to have to move all the first additions up to the top shelf!


  1. 1) Is that your new place?

    2) The 3rd picture down is cuteness to the MAX!

  2. 1) yes. for now.

    2) I agree!