Beach Boy

The beach on Saturday was a blast and a half! Ikaika is finally old enough that he can play in the water and have fun. He was kicking his feet and splashing, laughing. So so cute! Ive discovered that the best way to get him in the water is to sit him on the sand right where the waves are coming in. He sits for a few minutes just figuring it all out and then, when hes ready, he starts crawling around towards the water. In fact, the first time we tried this I held his hands and he just walked himself right into chest-deep waves! What a little explorer!

Mr As hair style is the result of a clipper catastrophe! Although we thought it was ethinically cool that Mr A looked like an Apache, we had our doubts about Mauna Kea sharing this sentiment so the mohawk got shaved off Saturday night and now hes just a cue ball. He looks like Ramseys from the Ten Commandments.

Surfs Up!

Nude Sunbathing!

Protect those baby blues!
He ate that papaya in the background for lunch.

Why wont my lens cap open all the way?!

Bonus Material - video of him playing on a box from this morning.

Notice him taking a step and how he can now pull himself up from sitting to standing, balance with one hand, carry on a conversation, blow spit bubbles, etc.

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  1. Curtis' hair is soooooo funny!!! Oh my gosh I was laughing so hard because he totally does look like an Apache and I'm sure he does look like Ramses from the Ten Commandments!!!

    Sooooo funny!!

    Love, Steph