Girls Basketball - What a Snore!

On Valentines Day, we celebrated like only The Arrayan's can - we went to watch the BIIF girls high school state basketball championship!

I whispered to Mr A when we first walked in the gym, "you know, we dont have any kids in high school so I think people are going to start wondering why we are hanging out at all the games..." The answer is, of course, that we like sports and since Hawaii doesnt have any professional sports to follow, high school is about as close as you can get.

Luckily, Mr A just accepted a position as assistant coach for the HPA boys varsity volleyball team (woohoo! go makanis!!!) so we could throw some weight around and say we were just there supporting the school.

Here is our child, suffering the indignities of being small.

The games went down at Hawaii Prep. Division II was Hawaii Prep vs Kamehameha (Kam won) and Div I was Waiakea vs Konawaena. I dont normally care for girls basketball, but that game was awesome! Kona smoked 'em - I think the final score was like 40 points difference, but amazingly, it was a great game to watch! It didnt feel like you were watching a blow out. Kona had two freshman starters and one was reminiscent of Lady Michael Jordan! She did a pump fake under the basket that brought Mr A to his feet! To be fair, Waiakea were major underdogs with two players barely at 5' high! But one of their seniors (probably 5'6") has accepted a full ride to Idaho for bball so I guess they werent totally unequipped.

The highlight of the evening was watching the awards ceremonies because I got a chance to scope out all the different leis that people are making. Ive decided that complex ribbon and crochet leis are for super special occasions only. Ditto for flower leis because they are expensive. But candy leis are perfect for any occasion and they are so versatile! I like the simple ribbon leis or even money leis. There are also a lot of other options for simple but striking leis that are good for either everyday events worth celebrating or occasions that call for making more than five leis (like team sports type stuff).


Ikaika has been extending the uses of his feet lately. He will grab things with his feet (like my arm or a toy) or play with his feet when his hands get boring. He can make a sound that sounds like "dadadada" or "mamimamima" but hes just babbling, the enunciation isnt quite there on the consonants and Im sure hes not saying it with any sort of identifying intentions. But we are getting closer. We just got a rug yesterday courtesy of Granny and Grandpa so hopefully crawling will start picking up steam in the near future. Either that or hes going to get some mean raspberries on his face and knees - only time will tell.

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