Oh man, Mr A and I just battled the GROSSEST LARGEST most PUKE INDUCING spider I have ever encountered during my short lifetime.
Hawaii wins the award for Most Disgusting Insects.

It was like a small animal. No one here is fond of spiders and I have to admit that we both put on the girly pants when that thing made an appearance. Ultimately Mr A did the killing (shooting him from a distance with the bottle of germicide) and I ran and got the camera so I could do what I am doing now (blogging about it).

Holy frijoles can those bad boys run!

It took awhile to decide the game plan. You only really get one chance and you dont want any 8 legged thing of that size to escape. A spray of G is only going to tickle something that massive, so do we just unscrew the cap and dump the whole bottle on him or do we smoosh him with a book or what?

We ended up chasing him down with the spray bottle (everything in my closet is now both soaking wet and germ free) and for a moment lost him during the fray. It was a horrible moment, imagining this really huge and really pissed off spider seeking out his revenge in the night.

But we were victorious. You can see that even though he is dead and shriveled up, hes still a mighty mouthful by anyones standard. Sick. So so sick. Now I really want a bed thats raised up off the floor.

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  1. Anonymous18.2.09

    Wow, are you like full-on Hawaiian now? I'm amazed at how you've mastered the language, you chameleon, you!


    P.S. Has my dream/warning come true yet? Hehehehehhee.