Happy Valentines Day!

Its Valentines Day, the day of love!

Its the anniversary of the day Mr and I found out we were having our little love child. Our son is so sweet that for V-day he got us the gift of sleeping almost 7.5 hours straight last night! What a doll!

I used to really dislike Valentines Day. Not because I never had a boyfriend or never got chocolate or anything like that. I said it was because Vday was "commercialized", which is so trite I can hardly stand to admit that I said it! I dont know why I didnt like Valentines. Maybe because it seemed contrived, like we were all just celebrating love for the sake of not being left out.

But now I have seen the light. Love celebrated for any sake is still love and its still great. If my coworkers (back when I had those) give me a candy or a flower or a homemade card just to tell me that they think of me enough to extend that gesture, shouldnt that be enough to make me feel the warm fuzzies so characteristic of our Valentines Day fantasies? Why would I want to be so crabby as to reject someones affections, irregardless of whether it comes on Feb 14 or any other day of the year?

If Mr A makes me french toast for breakfast, kisses me, and tells me how much he loves me - shouldnt I be satisfied with how much love there is in my life instead of thinking "oh you are only doing this because its Valentines Day"? Any day I get breakfast in bed is a great day, why should I worry about what day it happens to come on?

Valentines day is an opportunity for us to take time out of our lives and think about or do something special for the people we love. Its an opportunity for us to do something, anything, to show gratitude for the love we have in our lives every day of the year. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Sure, it would be nice if we all took time once a month or, better yet, everyday to do this independently of a holiday. But thats no reason to reject the holiday itself. In fact, that attitude gives all the more reason to revel in Valentines Day and celebrate what it stands for!

Maybe what I disliked about Valentines was people who were hurt by not having a boy/girlfriend to share it with, people who were hurt about not getting flowers or dinner, people who are hurt or sad because their special person "forgot" about them. I think the day sets an expectation for some and if that expectation isnt met then Vday becomes this huge source of angst instead of a lighthearted celebration of the good things we have in life.

Ok, revision: I like Valentines Day. I dislike Valentines Day expectations.

Now I need to go and eat my french toast.

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