Charmed, Im sure

My Lenten promise is to give up the agenda pushing on Ickey's baby blog and start blogging about the baby. Here goes...

Happy on the potty. I honestly didnt help the hair at all - it was just like that.

I will once again say, for the record, that Ikaika is a "happy baby". Of course he has his moments, some days he has more moments than others, but overall he's just a happy little guy. Whenever Im out in public with him, no matter where the location, someone will inevitably comment on how "striking" his eyes are or come up to him and smile, coo, whatever. As if on cue, this kid will start smiling and cracking up and laughing. Its adorable! He's happy at home too (today, for example, he kept himself occupied for almost an hour inspecting/talking to the rug) but he really puts on a show in public. I appreciate his efforts.

Here he is, once again, entertaining himself by trying to somehow apprehend the physio-ball. He just kept pushing it away and it would roll back and bop him in the face and he would scream laughing. Too cute.

Mr A (and dozens of other people) continually describes Ikaika as being "a charmer" or "very charming".

And suddenly, as if by magic, my parents rule about "no boys in rooms that have doors" makes perfect sense...

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