Having the Time means Making the Time

I hear from people all the time, "oh Id love to knit/crochet/bake a loaf of bread, but I just dont have the time".

Let me tell you a story about time.

When I was in Japan, Okinawa to be more precise, I spent the last 7 hours of my trip with my two friends, Chris and Max. In between the World War II Memorial and the ramen shop, we were driving around in the rental car and Chris and Max were engaged in a lively conversation about some video game. Both of these guys had managed to not only beat the game but also knew where the secret stuff was and what games it could easily be compared too (meaning that they would have to be equally familiar with all the games they were referencing).
Both Max and Chris are fluent in at least one other language. Both have GPAs that put me to shame. Both have read a library worth of books (which is where the conversation had been the day before) and, to boot, both could have been described as notorious in their ability to consume alcoholic beverages while still being wickedly entertaining (dare I say it: party animals?)

So whats the deal? Here I was in the back of this rental car, listening to this conversation and I just had to say it, "how in the world did you two find the time to play all these damn video games?!"
I believe it was Max who looked at me and coolly stated (as if it was so simple he was worried he would offend me by answering) "Time management, my dear."

So in light of my current situation, I would like to raise a glass to time management. The truth is, with excellent time management, you can pretty much do anything and everything that you want, despite your situation. In fact, its a well known truth that busy people get things done. So the less time you have, the better!

Moral of this story is that if these guys can maintain a 4.0, learn multiple languages, party like its going out of style and STILL find time to do normal loser-guy things like play video games...
I can find time to knit.


  1. Anonymous24.2.09

    Oh, how cute. Both of those guys also weren't in a serious relationship and dare I say, have never been in one!?

    You can do all those things because you don't have a significant other or a child.

    I would play video games all day too if I wasn't responsible for going to work, plus cleaning the house and cooking meals for Tae everyday. But, since he doesn't do those things he has so much time to teach Japanese, go to work, learn another language, and play those damn video games!! He's got it made.


  2. Anonymous24.2.09

    Oh, and they were notorious for lack of sleep.