Wax Figure

Last night/this morning I was trying to make a sugar wax so I could wax my legs. Its sugar, tea, lemon juice and water. I tried FOREVER to get this thing right and I kept adding more sugar and it was just getting worse by the hour. I should have known the project was doomed when it was taking hours.
Finally, when I thought I might have gotten the wax sort of right, I spread it on my now very hairy leg and put a cloth strip on top and thought "this might just work". I ripped it like I was counting on something and it just flopped right off. No stick, no nothing. So lame. Sigh.

I ended up making oatmeal cookies with the "wax" so it wasnt a total bust.

In baby news, Ikaika has been sort of semi sitting up lately. No new breakthroughs in the crawling department. This shirt looks horrible on him and he clearly needs a bath, but its still cute when hes romancing his toys.

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