Frozen Dinners

Anyone know any to-die-for OR easy enough to make recipes that can be frozen (and would be willing to give me comprehensive instructions on how to freeze said dish without ruining it)?
Any good links to helpful websites on this topic?


  1. Anonymous18.9.08

    Jessica Seinfeld's book, Deceptively Delicious, might be interesting to you.
    I read some snippets and the recipes sound yummy and simple(the book itself is interesting too)...besides, don't you own a food processor? I thought you owned some sort of fruit puree-ing machine.

  2. We always did chili or stew and froze them in tupperware, some in single-serving size, some larger. I've never done anything more complicated, but I think soups, stews, chili all take very well to freezing and reheating.

  3. Anonymous18.9.08

    When I was wanting quick heat up meals. I would make spaghetti sauce and freeze it. Also what is good is making meatloaf logs and freezing them and just baking them when you are ready. Really easy.
    Oh, and the long night that you had...I think back at those nights and cringe. Try to get all the rest and sleep that you can get now. You are going to be great!!!'
    Love, Camille

  4. Anonymous18.9.08

    I forgot to say www.dinnersinthefreezer.com is a good website.
    Love, Camille