Sitzing around the House

A "Sitz Bath", I have discovered, is a contraption that you put into your toilet seat and it kind of lets just your bum sit in this little pool of water. Is that right? (see, I dont even know and here I am blogging about it!)

Did I write about making tea the other week? Well, the other week I was making some tea as a gift for Mr As coworker. Ive never really gotten into herbs before, but I like tea and figured I might as well give it a shot. We have this amazing herb store down the road from us (right next to Trader Joes on 39th, all you PDXers) and they have this Wall-O-Herbs that is literally a huge wall with jars of bulk herbs. Any herb you can imagine, its there. So, because herbs are so darn convenient to obtain, I have taken a shining to making herby things.

Back to Sitzing. I was reading online about herbal sitz bath products and how they can help you feel better after the baby tears all your junk up (eloquent, as always). You basically make a tea out of it and then you can put it into your little Sitz Bath thing, put it in a bucket and sit in it, put it in your bath tub, or put it in your peri-bottle (nonbabymakers: this is a little squeeze bottle you use in lieu of TP after birthing since dry paper is hard and scratchy). Apparently the herbs soothe and assist with a speedy recovery. Sounds good to me!

If you buy sitz bath herbs online its usually around $8 for a 4oz jar. Lame! The hip preggo boutiques around Portland are worse. So how exciting is it for me to have access to the Wall-O-Herbs?! Sure, you can order herbs online in bulk, but I dont find that nearly as exciting and I would think that without any herbal experience, it would seem overwhelming and almost risky.

I went out today and got myself some ingredients based on this recipe I found online last night. I set about putting it all together and there was so much I had to use this old salsa container to store the rest! So for about $15 I have a whole crapload of bath herbs and Im ready to heal!

For those who are curious but dont want to follow the link, this is what I put in there:
rosemary, sea salt, uva ursi, chickweed, marshmallow root, plantain, calendula (marigolds), chamomile, lavender, and yarrow.

Next up, homemade disposable diaper wipes!

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  1. I didn't understand the whole sitz bath thing either. I read that its when you sit in a low volume of really really warm, almost hot, water that has a bunch of salt in it. I tried it and I found it quite soothing. Good luck with healing!