August 24th, 2008

At church we heard the story of Jesus giving the keys to Peter and telling him that hes the rock. I like that story.

Hawaii won the Little League World Series. They also won in 2005, the summer Mr A and I began dating, and I have many pleasant and vivid memories of watching that series as well. In fact, I think it was during that very series that Mr A first told me about his affinity for the name Ikaika (the pitcher was named Ikaika if I remember correctly). This team was from Waipahu. They played Mexico for the championship and won 11-3. It has been a very exciting week of LLWS watching.

I also made two bibs. The embroidered one didnt turn out as nice as I wanted because I dont really know what Im doing with the bias tape. Also, the Velcro wasnt as strong as I hoped. But ultimately they both turned out pretty darn cute. Cute and reversible!

Granny made a comment about how I was going to an awful lot of trouble for a bib (with the embroidery). Of course, I know better, and quickly asked her what she made when she was expecting uncle Bruce, her first child. She informed me that she knit a seed stitch sweater on size 0 needles in the blistering heat of Key West, Florida. AND she cant recall if Bruce ever even wore the sweater! So after putting everything in perspective, I guess my 3 hours of bib making isnt all that much trouble.


  1. Oh, I am glad to finally have Ikaika's name in writing so I can learn how to spell it!

  2. Anonymous26.8.08

    Awwww...very cute.