Woe Is My Swollen Feet

Oh man, my feet are swelling all the time! Its always when Im sitting, which means little to no "relaxation" time at home. What a bummer! Then I either have to put my feet up (that requires me to take up the entire length of the couch and is rather unfair for Mr A) or lay down in bed where I cant watch the TV. Again, what a bummer!

I hope my feet go back to the size they were because I dont necessarily want to buy all new shoes. I am looking forward to getting some new sneakers. But thats it. I like all my other shoes! So far I have been avoiding any shoe issues by just wearing slippers all the time. Id like to thank Old Navy and their $1 per pair sale. Ive even been wearing slippers on the treadmill at the gym sometimes because my sneakers are too tight and uncomfortable (not to mention my toe is busting out of a hole on the side). Dont worry, its only walking. What am I going to do come October when Im still preggo and its too cold for flip flops?!

Speaking of the gym, I should probably write this down for posterity...

Ive been what I would consider "okay" when it comes to working out during pregnancy. Since Curtis has taken a job as a personal trainer at the Avalon Spa & Hotel down on the Willamette River, I have been going once or twice a week depending on what my own work schedule permits. But, unless there is some unforeseen conflict, can always go on Tuesdays because he spends his mornings with Avary and by the time I get off work at 1pm, we just load up in the car and drop Avary off at her mom's house on our way to the gym. The point is, I have been regularly going at least once a week since April.

When Im at the gym I usually spend the time between 3/3:30-4 o'clock on the treadmill or the elliptical. I watch Bringing Home Baby (a winner of a show on TLC) and rejoice at other peoples ineptitude while I walk at a pace anywhere between "brisk" and "might as well pull up a chair". After that I try to do some sort of a weight routine. During my second trimester I was really gung-ho about it. I did 3 sets of 15 reps on 4 circuits, etc. Now that Im bigger and pregnanter, Im lucky to make it through one circuit. Sigh...

Occasionally, although not as often as I would like, I do a workout video my mom got me called The Perfect Pregnancy Workout. AND IT IS! I love that video! I should do it right now. Ideally, I would like to be doing that video at least once a week as well. I also liked the Crunch Gym Yoga Mama video during my first trimester, but then the public library wanted it back. Boo hoo!

Up until about a month ago I had been riding my bicycle to work. Pregnant lady on a bike = totally cute! I work about two miles from my house and the roads are fairly flat and about 90% of them have bike lanes, so it worked out well. The reason I had to stop wasnt because I got off balance or because it was too exhausting. I had to stop because the weight of my uterus makes me feel like Im going to pee my pants whenever I hit even the smallest of bumps!!! I was so sure that it was going to happen that for a couple days I had packed an extra pair of pants in my bag! When I told this to my husband he kindly suggested that now might be a good time to temporarily retire the bike! But, while I was doing it, it was an awesome way to sneak in some exercise.

Ah! Sitting at this computer has made my feet swell up again! WHAT A BUMMER!


  1. God. You are working out more than I am and you've got the best excuse ever.

  2. You know Ruth, one could argue that pregnancy is the only time that its necessary to take care of oneself. If I dont work out or eat right the baby is going to be slobby too and, more importantly, labor could be more laborious.
    Which would totally suck.