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Heres fitted diaper attempt #1. Long story about seam allowances short - I think I made the front a little too tall so it may or may not fit an actual baby. Also, the elastic is still in the experimental phase, so again, no idea how its going to work in real life.

My computer isnt letting me rotate my images, which is annoying. This is just a flat view of the diaper with the doublers taken out. I made a stuffable diaper because if it were all one thing it would probably take a lifetime to dry. I was clever enough to make one of my doublers capable of being partially folded in half. This is to offer the baby that extra absorbency in the front that most dudes seem to need.
The ladies at the craft store gave me a hard time about my velcro selection. "oh that is SO WIDE for a diaper! ...doesnt that seem too wide? Are you sure you want it that big?"
Sorry ladies, but it looks fine to me.

Then, from the ashes of all these tshirts, came breast pads for leaky boobs. Gross, I know. The thing below it is a hat. It was supposed to be a gift for Mr As coworker (one of the many expecting this autumn) but I didnt like it enough to gift it so Ill just keep it for Ika.

This picture is a pair of red cotton booties that I knit awhile ago. I think they are cute enough and easy enough to make, I will likely make more in the future and in different colors. The thing about booties is I always wonder how well it will stay on a real babys foot. Geez, are we starting to detect a theme here? I need a real baby to try this stuff on!
There is also a cotton bib, which is a gift for Mr As other coworker. They are all having girls. I like this bib and it was fast so I will probably make one for my own child in blue or green.

Then there is the herbal neck pillow. This is so cool! Its a pillow thats filled with rice and lavender so it smells very relaxing. It can go in the microwave to be warm and soothing or it can go in the freezer to be cold and therapeutic! Its called a neck pillow but its also great for back, shoulder and anywhere else since the rice made it very mouldy (made up word!). The pink flannel outer part is a case so it can be removed for laundering purposes. I like the pattern so much I took a close up pic of it.

This is a gift as well. The problem is that Im not sure if this woman has the same taste as I do. As in, would she find this pattern charming (like I do) or childish? Its risky business - gift giving.

***I dont know if you guessed this already or not, but I got off work a bit early today so I had some extra time on my hands. Would we consider this "nesting"? Should I be concerned about going into labor at any moment?!

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  1. socks and booties NEVER stay on! When they are really little their feet are too small to keep stuff on and then just when they are able to stay on the baby gets old enough to play with their feet and starts pulling them off! Don't be discouraged if they don't stay on. GAP socks are the best at staying on babies and kids and shoes called Robux (i think that is the brand; I'll have to check when I get home) are the best shoes at staying on their feet.
    As always, fabulous work!