Careful Editting

The next step for my novel is editing.  I need to sit down and give it a really thorough look.  I need to be judicious, objective and downright cruel, willing to cut even my most favorite scenes for the betterment of the piece as a whole.  I must evaluate my work with a specific end goal in mind and remove whatever does not contribute to that goal, adding in new content as necessary.

See where I'm going with this?   Can you guess the metaphor coming next?

My book is my life.  It is a reflection of my life, it is the primary goal in my mind right now, and it is a little microcosm of where I am going with goal-setting in general.  I need to edit my life.  If I can do it to my writing, I can certainly sit down and evaluate how I spend my time during the day, cutting out the unnecessary.  I know that doing this will benefit my life and make it stronger, the same way this exercise will improve my book. 

Like those paragraphs that are pretty and poetic but make no sense in the scope of the story, I have a difficult time chopping fun/seemingly worthwhile activities from my workload.  Even if those activities distract me from my overall life goal. 

How do you constructively edit your work/life?

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