Opposites Attract

Oh man, I don't spend nearly enough time on here complaining about my husband.

As I was making my lunch and searching the cupboard for something to sprinkle on my halibut before subjecting it to the steamer, I came across this...


Why, Husband, must you shop at Costco for seasonings?  Was it the "organic" label that immediately hooked you, rendering you helpless to resist the temptation of buying a JUG of mystery spice?  What is this stuff anyway?!

This drives me bonkers for multiple reasons.

  1. this has been in the cabinet for over 2 months and we, predictably, have barely put a dent in it.  
  2. I have never bought "no salt seasoning" in small quantities (ie. we don't regularly consume this product, let alone plow through a gallon of it at a time) 
  3. I have no idea what to do with this.  
  4. even if I did, I guarantee we would get sick of it long before we could see the bottom of the container.  
  5. it takes up prime real estate in my very modest pantry!

So I sprinkled this on my fish and shook my head at the hilarity of my husband's logic.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahha! That's hilarious! Especially since it is seriously a jumbo size, completely dwarfing everything else!