Project 333 - Round 2

The 33 winners!

My friend recently proposed that we both complete a round of Project 333.  I'm super glad she suggested it because I have a ton of new clothes!  Trips to the mainland always mean deals at Goodwill and sister clothes swaps, which equal an onslaught of new garments that might get lost in the shuffle.  Spending 3 months wearing some of these new pieces will help me decide if I actually love them...or if I just got caught up in the fun moments of our trip (sister swaps usually include beer!)

I will be posting my daily look on Instagram (daintydoughnuts) so my friend can critique each look - and probably scold me for whatever "mom pants" or "mom shoes" du jour.  ;)  Will black cords work in Hawaii?  Will they still be fun to wear after air-drying?  Only time will tell...let the Project begin!

clothes and shoes that didn't make the cut - packed up safe until November

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