Summer Time in the Northwest

The weather was uncannily beautiful, the fun was non-stop, the goodbyes were casual, and now our 5 week summer in the mainland has come to an end.

Though all these pictures are of Mr A's family, the majority of my trip was spent helping my parents prepare for a cross-country move.  Their first move in 30 years.  It's finally time to say sayonara to my childhood home.  I've spent the last few years starving off any sentimental feelings I have for physical possessions - however, standing in "my room" on that last morning was tough.  Strange.  The anxious feeling of staring over the brink.  I will never be inside that house again.  Arrg.  It's just weird.

I was happy to come home, exhausted and desperately needing a vacation from my vacation.  Less than 24 hours later I am back at work, questioning everything about my life.  And I do mean everything.  How will we cope with all these upcoming changes?  What do I want to do for work next year?  How am I going to get that book published?

I'm glad that we still have a little sniff of summer left.  Gives me time to prep and reflect and enter the new year (since it seems I will forever live by the academic calendar) with fresh eyes.  Thanks for a gorgeous time, Great Northwest and all your inhabitants.  We'll be back again soon!

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