In the Northwest

can't seem to get a good pic with the boys...oh well

This trip to the Northwest has been, thus far, pretty amazing.  The weather has been uncharacteristically warm, I've already plowed through 2 novels, and the boys are fully obsessed with Pokemon - a cartoon I can actually get into!  I sense a really cool Halloween costume coming on.
My parents are moving in August (?!) and we came here with the intention of helping them clear out their house for the move.  It started out well, we filled up the truck and took loads to the dump and the recycling center, cleaned out the attic, sorted through boxes of old photos.  Even organized a last minute mini yard sale.  Now, a week later, it seems I have hit my plateau.  I'm currently procrastinating on listing two huge boxes of clothes on Ebay. 
This is shaping up to be a pretty solid life plan.  Summers out of state, visiting family.  I can work and write and get stuff done, my kids can experience a life outside the island.  But, I think in order to prove this is possible, I need to stop treating it like a vacation - staying up all night reading, sleeping in all morning, etc.  I need to be more purposeful.  Starting with finishing the Ebay listings.
Happy Travels!

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  1. Anonymous4.7.13

    I was obsessed by dinosaurs in my childhood. It was wonderful time.