Koa and the Mystery Cavity

Today we flew to Oahu so Koa could have, not one, but three cavities filled by a pediatric specialist. For the last few weeks, MrA and I have fretted over this decision.

Do we have them fill his teeth with mercury (amalgam) or BPA (composite). What if they don't give him drugs and he's traumatized? What if they abuse him while I am asked to wait in the reception area? Is this worth it even though his baby teeth will fall out anyway? But, then, what if his teeth rot right out of his head from our neglect???

Well, turns or there was no need for all of that. After a quick x ray the very awesome and professional Dr Yim told me that there were no cavities and no need to fill anything!

So we ended up with no trauma, clean teeth, having a beautiful afternoon with my sister-in-law and a delicious lunch to boot! What an awesome day. Now I'm just excited to get home and tell Ikaika about all the cool sights we saw today.

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