Splashing in Puddles and Nice Weather

After a few (seemingly endless) weeks of terrible weather, we are finally enjoying a reprise.  The damp, misting rain, the bone-chilling wind, the bleary gray skies...it's like we never left the Great Northwest!  More than once I joked to Mr A, "I'm over this weather, let's move to Hawaii!"

Of course, we live in elevation and that is part of the deal.  Our sweeping mountain landscapes and cool breezes are welcome after a long day of baking in the beach-side sun.  The access can't be beat, Waimea has all the amenities of a thriving community (schools, library, shopping, jobs, etc).  But, man, it's tough to remember the good points when I'm shivering in my bathroom in the morning, watching puffs of my own breath while I brush my teeth!  (think low 60s/high 50s with no central heating)

 Then, as quickly as it comes, it passes.  And when the weather is right, this place is paradise.  Today Koa and I washed the car then enjoyed some mud puddle splashing in the warm, still sunshine.  ALOHA!

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