Weekend in Honolulu

An incredible toy made of wooden blocks connected by elastic.
Anyone know where to buy something like this?
I spent the past weekend with my good friend in Honolulu.  A delightful time full of coffee shops, beaches and Korean food.  Sometimes I forget how "country" we are here in Waimea...then I visit Oʻahu.  Mind blown.  I was told that I wear "mom pants", but I'm pretty sure they are just regular people pants.  Those city folk are terribly posh!
This particular friend and I met while studying abroad in Tokyo.  Not only was it during the height of our super annoying selfish young adult phase, it was also in the epicenter of the world's largest metropolis.  Our friendship was solidified through wild all-night karaoke rage-fests.  Now, we are 30 and have children.  The clock barely struck 9pm and we were both like "dude, let's just lay here and let our eyes be heavy."  We will probably never be as cool as we once were, but at least we know what the other is/was capable of!

Then I came home to this!  Ikaika wrote me this letter all by himself with absolutely no help or prompting from anyone.  Aww!  It says "Māmā, kēia koʻu māmā." ("Mom, this is my mom.")

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