Reuse Repurpose DIY Crafty Sunday

Today I finished up some crafts that have been lurking around my house since time immemorial.  Feels so good to finally check them off the (never ending) list.

First up was this sweatshirt upcycle request from my mom.  I recently bought an entire bag of fugly denim bottoms at the thrift store thinking I would use them to border a quilt.  Mr A voted no (he thinks its too stiff for a blanket), so a pair of Liz Claiborne capris became the backing for this pillow instead.
Trust me, the world is a better, more beautiful place with these pants out of circulation.

a close up of the carnage

 Next up is a throw rug made from the same pair of mom jeans and the bane of my existence aka Grandma O's orange car coat.

This hooded, belted, fresh-in-from-hunting jacket was crocheted by my father's mother.  She passed away when I was young and a precious few of her crafted projects remain.  So, here is this rare gem, a family heirloom, a piece of our history.  This coat was, in fact, made FOR MY MOTHER.  I used to wear it in high school but had left it at their house during my post-collegiate moves.  My mom, for whatever reason (hopefully in a moment of temporary insanity) allowed my sister to cut the sleeves off to make...wait for it...LEGWARMERS for a costume.  *frustrated head shake*  I was pretty upset about the whole thing.

A while back my mom sent me the scarred remains of the orange car coat.  Why?  So my irritation could be rekindled every time I set eyes upon it?  So I can continue to conclude that my family doesn't really value the blood, sweat, and tears that I put into my crafts either?  What was she thinking?  Apparently, she hoped I could make something out of it.  I seriously considered just throwing it away because looking at it was simply too painful.

However, I buckled down today and made a small throw mat.  Might go nicely in a bathroom or kitchen or even the boys room.  For now, its under the piano pedals.  I'm don't exactly have an eye for decorating, but I think we can find a use for this.  The bright orange crochet shells make me smile and remind me I am part of a tradition of crafty women.  Mission accomplished.

 And, finally, I am almost finished with my new Kindle case.  This was a large hooded sweater in its previous life.  Some felting, a leather button and a few hand embroidered flowers later - TADA!  I love the delicate, homey look of embroidery - can't wait to make a sampler for the bathroom wall ;)
I still have to sew the buttonhole but, for the most part, its done.

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  1. So crafty, you are! Although, that orange is so hard to look at. But if it makes you happy then that's all that matters!