The Hawaiian Alphabet

Mr A did this with Ikaika as a tech project for one of his classes.  Ikaika picked out all the words, took the pictures, helped put them in alphabetical order, and chose the song.  In the intro he says "My name is Ikaika.  These are Hawaiian letters (alphabet?)"  Uploading this to blogger messed up the captions so I apologize for the speed at which they disappear.

I'm surprised at how much autonomy he wanted over this project.  He dictated everything - how each picture should be cropped, what font to use, where the caption should go, etc.  When all was said and done, Ikaika was super proud of the result and wanted to watch and read it over and over again.  Then he wanted me to show it to Oma.

Here you go, Oma.

I almost didn't post this because I am so grumpy about the typo/error right at the beginning.  Mr A pointed out that only about .01% of the Earth's population would notice, but it still bugs me.  Because I noticed it.

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