Friday at Mauʻumae

What do you think of Koa's hair?  Usually I just buzz their hair off - this is my first attempt at "style".  Those clippers have proven to be a great investment!

 It doesn't get better than this.

Friday morning we head down to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  After finding an area that is completely secluded - our own private beach with not another soul in sight - we spend the next three hours boogie boarding, splashing in the waves and soaking up the sun.  There is no ecstasy that can compare to a two year old rolling around in the soft sand and surf buck naked.  He was in heaven.

I am completely relaxed and totally rejuvenated.  We all left in a great mood and headed home to pick up brother from school and BBQ in the garage.  Its a perfect beginning to what will certainly be an outstanding weekend.

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