Ikaika's 4th Birthday

My baby is four years old!  This is a particularly strange occasion for me because Mr A's youngest daughter was 4 when Ikaika was born.  So, its weird to see him reach the same milestone so quickly.

I should win some Mom-of-the-Year Award for these cupcakes.  I came home after a long night shift and baked these because Ikaika wanted to eat cake at school.  I cheated and used a box mix, but added a can of pumpkin puree, which probably means I broke even on whatever vintage scale is used to measure homemade baked goods.  Do they look familiar?  Pink seems to be a perennial favorite.

On the 18th we woke up early, ate a hearty breakfast of cake-pops, cold pizza and ice cream then spent the rest of the day doing stuff at the preschool.  Saturday we let the birthday pick his own poison.  He chose a trip to the Hilo Zoo and Keikiland bounce house at the Prince Kuhio Plaza.
trying to give a shaka
goofy boys with goofy smiles
shooting hoops at Keikiland
Ikaika was surprisingly good at this game

 Among many generous gifts he received (all of which were met with excited squeals of delight - THANK YOU EVERYONE!), my friend introduced him to Lego.  He's never had a Lego set before and I have to admit that they have come a long way since my days - back when there was usually just a huge bin with hundreds of tiny primary colored pieces.  I might have to start searching for some second hand Lego.

Its impossible to say who enjoyed building this more!

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