Today I became an aunt!

I could not be more excited.  I barely slept anticipating this child's arrival.  So now she is here.  The boys have a cousin, I have a niece and my sister is a mother.  Weird!

Just getting the text that she was in labor brought back a flood of memories from when my own children were born.  I liked being pregnant.  Even giving birth was strange, exhilarating and (almost) enjoyable. A small part of me was jealous.

That phase of our life as a couple is over now.  I know that its the right decision.  Its pragmatic.  Its a decision I made with my head.  But, my heart...oh my heart...my heart yearns for that sweet moment of introduction.  Those long, head-spinning hours of anticipation.  My exhausted arms want to curl protectively around a helpless little baby.

Welcome, Norah.  We are all a little weird (but only enough to be mistaken for charming), we all live much too far away from each other (although I have a feeling like you might win Oma and Opa over to your corner of the world), and even without seeing you I love you more than anything I write would ever hope to accurately describe.  

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  1. Oh congratulations to your sister!!