Song & Dance

"A'ole!  Noho aha'aha, Koa.  Mommy!  Koa, mai ho'olohe!"
I'm almost used to Ikaika being in preschool.  Almost.  I'm still sad when I have to work at night and I literally see him for 20 minutes all day.  
It's weird that he is doing and learning things that I know nothing about.  I used to be there for all the new songs, stories and games.  Now, even though I drill him every afternoon about the going-ons of his day, things will occasionally slip out and I'll catch myself marveling "how does he know that?!"  It's strange to me that he could learn something without my knowledge/approval.  What a 'mom' thing to say!
So, this is a game that they apparently play at preschool, which I knew nothing about until he started playing it by himself.  I tried to have him teach it to Koa and I, but...well...you'll see.   

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  1. they are sooooo adorable!!! Ikaika is sooo big!!