Minimal Wardrobe: Outerwear (jackets & coats)


  • Red winter sport coat WITH...
  • Black fleece lining (can be worn as fleece jacket)
  • Navy dry-tech running jacket with hood
  • Black wool peacoat
  • Navy blazer 
  • denim "jean" jacket
  • purple short sleeve Thai silk blazer
  • gold 3/4 sleeve Thai silk blazer
Total of 8 pieces of outerwear, although I'm not counting heavier sweatshirts even though I probably should.

3 blazers?  Arrg.  The navy one is a recent thrift store purchase.  It's styled to fit boys so I figured my sons might eventually use it and since I paid less than a dollar for it, I'm not worried about over-washing or wearing it out.  These Thai silk suits are becoming a nuisance!  I don't wear them very frequently and I could probably justify owning one...but two is starting to feel like a drag. 

Mr A voted that I get rid of the jean jacket.  Granted, I've had it since 1998, but it's a classic that never goes out of style (at least not in my mind) and I like it.  And I wear it.  Case closed.

This Columbia jacket is so multi-functional that I can barely fathom the idea of life without it.  I think it's supposed to be a raincoat, too but I always feel damp when I wear it in anything heavier than a drizzle.  Oh well, I love the functionality of the layers.  The black fleece lining is a perfect casual coat and can also serve the same purpose as a sweatshirt, which has allowed me to let go of all but one of those.

The running jacket is light and keeps the sun off my arms/keeps me warm in higher elevation weather conditions.  I don't love it, but it's only for working out.

I just got this peacoat on Ebay.  What?!  Buying things in the middle of downsizing?!  
The logic was that I didn't have any dressier coats.  I was also attracted to the fact that its 100% wool.  

Surprisingly, I don't think I'm missing any outerwear pieces (assuming the peacoat works out).  I would even like to shave it down but am having a hard time deciding where that would happen.  Blazers seems like an obvious place to start but until I get over my attachment to those suits, I'll just have to deal.

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  1. I would say to keep the jean jacket, it's in! Keep the boyfriend blazer, also in! But, I'm so confused about the pea coat. What is a pea coat and what do you do with it???? Is it like a winter coat or some kind of blazer??? I can't tell from the picture. If it's a winter coat then I would say KEEP. Also, the silk suits are beautiful and unique. I would say that if you don't plan to wear them any time soon, to just dryclean them or wrap them in a drycleaner bag and save them for later.