The Awesome Bag

Only a month remains until I board an airplane with my toddler in tow!  We have a big trip planned and I am determined to fit all our stuff into one carry-on.  Its not just that I refuse to pay checked-bag fees, I need to pack light because I'm going to  have my hands full with Koa. 
In addition to saving space, I also need multi-functional items since we will be hitting kid haunts and attending a wedding all in the same trip.  I ran into a snag with my purse.  My everyday purse is great because its handheld and cross-body, but it's also suede/leather and bulky.  Not good for summer travel.  A clutch can't fit all my diaper gear. 

I found this tutorial for The Awesome Bag.  Its reversible and the strap is adjustable.  It can be a messenger type bag for times when I need both hands (chasing down my 2 year old) or a pretty floral handbag for sit down type events.  It can also be a shoulder bag for all those other times.

brown stripe messenger style

I'm most proud of the fact that all these materials were "found".  The brown was a tablecloth at work that I rescued from imminent disposal (freegan-ed?), the ribbon came from my sister's wedding presents (3 years ago), the floral fabric has been in my possession for almost 7 years, the buttons were all recovered from old shirts.

Actually, I don't know if that makes me proud or if that makes me want to take a very discerning look at my craft storage.   Why am I holding onto this stuff in the off chance that 7 years later I will make something out of it?  This is contributing to my frustration of feeling like I have a million ideas and not actually doing any of them.   
Clutter!  ARG!  Grumble, grumble.

floral view

no closure but I don't think that's a problem because the bag is deep enough

If I had to do this over, I would start the button holes about an inch lower on the strap (illustrated below).  Worn across the body, the top of the bag is above my hip bone.  It's still possible to get on and off comfortably, but I would have liked it just a smidge longer.  I also might have made the dimensions about an inch wider/longer.  Right now its perfect for diapers, wallet and a phone - but a water bottle would be a tight squeeze.

a little too much extra at the bottom of the strap...there's always something!

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