First Dentist Visit

just look at those beautiful chompers!

This morning, Ikaika, at 3 years and 7 months, had his very first dental appointment!

I'm sorry to say that I'm not the kind of mom who remembers to take pictures of these types of momentous occasions.  Predictably, I thought about it just as we were pulling out of the parking lot.  Lame.

Either way, he did a great job.  We practiced for several days leading up the appointment.  When they called his name, he trotted off after the dental assistant, leaving me to complete the paperwork.  A few minutes later I heard sobbing (they tried to recline the chair - we didn't practice that part), so I went in there and held his hand.  He wore cool red sunglasses, opened his mouth wide, and allowed the dentist to do a full count/cleaning/floss.  I was very impressed.

On the way home I told him, because he did such a good job, he could have whatever he wanted for lunch.  What did he want?  Strawberries.  And, they were on sale.  I've never been so proud.

HOWEVER - I had an epic fail as a mom.  Some of you may recall that I'm not too keen on fluoride.  When the dentist mentioned it I kind of nodded my head and smiled dismissively.  When she suggested different poison-filled mouthwashes and toothpastes I wondered how she would feel knowing that I regularly brush his "so healthy!" teeth with water or, on rare occasion, baking soda.  I was feeling all smug until she told him she was going to brush some fluoride on his teeth and I just stood there.  Shocked.  Sweating.  Upset.  But not really willing to "make a big deal" about it.  I rationalized that every 6 months won't kill him and there are kids who are inundated with this stuff everyday....blah blah blah.  Maybe it is good for him?

DENIAL.  Come on, Katie.  Stand up to the dentist.  You know how you feel about it!  Just tell her you don't want it!  You don't have to tell her why!  It doesn't have to be a big deal!  UGH!  I'm such a coward sometimes. 


  1. Awesome! But, I'm not familiar with why fluoride is bad? It's in the water already anyways, right??

  2. Its poisonous and it hasn't been proven to do anything by any credible research. Putting it in the water/dental products is basically a cheap way of dealing with something that would otherwise be super expensive to properly dispose of. We buy our water distilled - Mr A is pretty neurotic about water quality. I mean, it's almost impossible to avoid fluoride, but that's no reason to pack it into kids little bodies unnecessarily.