Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

I was poking around over at The Non-Consumer Advocate and came across this post idea.  Enjoy!

The morning was spent walking with the boys around town completing a long list of chores (bank, post office, another bank, grocery store, library, etc) - our first outing with the stroller since the weather has changed for the beautiful.  Then I worked (bar side!).  After work I played Hawaiian scrabble with Mr A.

I took the boys to Tutu & Me Preschool, again walking with the stroller.  Now I am going to catch up on some reading and hopefully get a quick run in before we hit the HPA basketball game tonight.

MOPS in the morning and then writing in the afternoon.  Get my coupons and shopping lists ready for our next trip to Kona.  Probably rent a movie (I'm thinking The Help)

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