No Love for Facebook

Facebook = Giant Time Suck.

About a month ago, I officially deleted my Facebook account. 

The reasoning behind this was simple.  That book I read about branding and marketing made me realize that the people behind Facebook already knew I was addicted and were now trying to find ways to keep me on there longer in order to show me more advertisements.  (BOO!)  Even though I was keeping up with friends across the world via the miracle of modern technology, I was also sacrificing real connections in lieu of status updates.  (DOUBLE BOO!)  The worst was when I noticed that I was ignoring my kids saying "mommy, come read to me, play with me" because I was checking Facebook...again... (SUPER BOO!)

The fact is, I loaded my plate this year.  Besides my New Year Resolutions and my To-Do List, I also have both my husband's and my children's commitments to honor and support.  Phew!  I can't be doing all that PLUS managing my life if I am constantly distracted and wasting precious hours here and there living in the fantasy world of Facebook.

It's a time suck and I don't need it. Besides, I have this blog to satisfy my need for online narcissism. 

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