Oma and Opa Visit Hawaii

Thursday we drove to Kona and picked up my parents from the airport.  Ikaika was so excited he hardly slept on Wednesday night - it was the second coming of Santa in more ways than one!

We parked the car and waited outside the gate.  When the doors burst open and my mom walked through, he screamed "OMA! OMA!" and ran to her, knocking through a few people on his way.  She said it was quite a reception ("how come my own kids never get this excited?")

And last night both my sisters arrived, along with little sister's boyfriend.  They are staying at a nice rental house in Waikoloa Village - that has a huge flat screen TV - so there will be plenty movie nights and BBQs at dusk in the coming days.  However, right now we are all recovering from travel (Mr A was on Oahu this weekend for school) so everyone just wants to take a nap!


  1. Your little sister's boyfriend! OMG.

  2. awesome possom! Have fun!!