First Real Sleep Over

Ikaika is having his first real sleep over tonight.  My parents are staying in Waikoloa, which is a good 30 minute drive from where I live.  Tonight, when we were exploring Volcanoes National Park and eating ono good at Ken's Drive-In in Hilo, Ikaika pleaded his case for staying at Oma's house.

I made it perfectly clear that neither I, nor Daddy (nor Koa) were going to be there.  Just him.  We all clarified that I would be at our house in Waimea while he was in Waikoloa.  And after he left, there was no turning back.  Still, he insisted.

We got to Waimea and as my sister loaded him back into his carseat (freshly jammied with teeth brushed) I was sure he would say "no no, I want to stay with mommy!" ...but he didn't.  In fact, he was all excited to go and even kissed me saying "goodnight mommy, I love you.  See you tomorrow!" 

I attribute this precociousness to several factors. 
1) he loves my parents and my sisters and has slept at that house before (not by himself, but he's familiar with the territory)
2) he's a pretty independent kid and rarely gets anxiety about being away from us (for example, going to childcare during MOPS - he's almost always cool about it)
3) he's probably banking on Oma letting him watch movies all night and isn't thinking ahead to the actual "going to bed" part.

I'm incredibly interested to hear about how this goes.  I know my family can handle it (nightmares, tantrums, delirious cries for mom or whoever) and I highly doubt I will get a 3am phone call, no matter how crazy he gets.  I feel strangely nervous about him sleeping away from me, knowing that I won't see him until tomorrow.  I'm anxious, but not exactly for him.  In fact, it's weird to admit, but I'm a little sad that at 3 years old he could be so casual about leaving me!

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