Packing Boxes for Operation Christmas Child

Last Friday Mothers of Preschoolers got together and packed boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  I found out today that all boxes from Hawaii are going to Nepal.  So, some Naplese child is going to be really confused when he opens my box and sees that he got rubber slippers.  Oh well, hopefully he can find some use for them!

At our MOPS meeting today, we talked about holiday traditions.  What we remember from our childhood and what we want to continue or begin with our own family.  Nothing can come close to an authentic Stransky Family Christmas (no substitute for the real deal).  But, this year, I am trying out Elf on a Shelf and I'm putting up a tree (although Mr A says he wants the tree in the office so the kids won't mess with it...or see it, for that matter...). 
Posting these pictures, I began thinking that OCC is something I've done with my kids for two years and it's a tradition I would like to keep.  Since it's my responsibility to set the tone, be the memory maker, oversee the implementation of holiday rituals, I would like to make sure that some of these are emphasising the 'giving' over the 'getting'.  Charity is a value I believe in and want to pass on.


  1. That's awesome! I'm confused about what Elf on a Shelf is though. A movie???

  2. Elf on a Shelf is like this little doll that you hide around your house during xmas time. there is a book that comes with it and you read it to your kid so they know the whole back story and then the elf is like a little angel that watches over them an reports back to Santa at the end of the night. My friends who do it say their kids have a blast looking for the elf in the morning and it can be a great motivator since...you know...hes watching you and tattling to Santa!