Starbucks for Kids

Now that I am working part time at Starbucks, Ikaika has been wild about the whole coffee shop thing (which is so awesome because on my days off there is nothing I would rather do more than hang out at work...). 
I'm not about to set my 3 year old loose on whole bean coffee, so I'm thankful that Starbucks has many wonderful options for the discerning toddler pallette.  Here are Ikaika's favorites:

  • Tall (12oz) strawberries and cream frappuchino with no base and no sweetener (strawberry puree blended with some milk and ice)
  • Any of the Vivano smoothies - although they only come in 16oz size so I split those with him
  • Short (8oz) apple juice (half juice/half water) with ice
  • PASSION TEA - he's totally obsessed with it.  I water it down at home and add stevia to sweeten.
HOT (all drinks are steamed to "kids temp" which is about 120deg)
  • Short steamed apple juice (again, watered down) with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Alternately, the barista can add cinnamon to the steaming pitcher so it blends into the juice.
  • Short steamed milk with ONE PUMP of flavored syrup.  I figure he can either have a pump of syrup OR whipped cream, but not both.  Carmel steamed milk is awesome.
  • Short hot chocolate with ONE PUMP mocha and a HALF PUMP of vanilla.  
  • Short hot chocolate with ONE PUMP of mocha and soy milk - because the soy is already sweet/vanilla flavored (bonus: it's organic) 
  • I should also add toasted multi-grain bagels with reduced fat cream cheese because he loves em!

I have so many good memories of time spent in coffee houses.  Great conversations with friends, productive nights of studying or finishing homework, relaxing by myself and reading a good book with a hot cup of joe.  I love coffee shops and maybe the simple act of sharing this with my kids will mean that they, too, one day will be totally addicted to the sound of an espresso machine.  Maybe they will even do their homework!  Dare to dream... 

Aww!  Koa is sad because his brother drank it all!


  1. I love Koa's haircut! Sooo cute!

  2. They both look so grown up with short hair!