Happy Halloween!

This year I chose to work on Halloween.  I figured we aren't quite at the age for serious trick-or-treating yet and I get to wear a costume to work, so why not?!  But then I started to feel sad and guilty because everyone else was having fun and I was handing out candy and hot chocolates to happy familes.

Mr A saved the day and took the boys trick-or-treating around the shopping center.  They even dropped into Starbucks during my break.  I didn't recognize my own child.  Granted, his costume has a full mask, but seriously - shouldn't I have some kind of mom-radar?  He trick-or-treated from me and I said "oh, happy halloween,  kid..." and had no idea he was mine!  Mr A told me later that Ikaika even said "trick or treat, mommy" and I still didn't pick up on it!  Oh well, must be the bewitching hour...


  1. Haha! That's so funny! What are you supposed to be???

  2. DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba (nickelodeon show with fun indie music - youtube it, you might like it).