Fun With Chores - Mopping Floors

This cool idea came from my coworker.  I am awful about mopping the floors.  I hardly ever do it.  If I do get around to it, I think it's miserable work.  Enter, solution.

  1. When you have a big load of towels to wash, lay them all out on the floor (bathroom, kitchen, etc.). 
  2. Set out large bowls of water and toys (bonus for adding soap - I wasn't that brave)  
  3. Undress children. 
  4. Let the splashing begin. 
What I like best about this, besides my clean floors, is that I - the adult - control the amount of water so the fun doesn't reach epic flood preportions.  The kids love the feeling of the wet, squooshy towels.  Their wiggling little feet work like power buffers to lift dirt and grime.  After they were finished, I threw the kids in the bathtub and the towels in the washing machine, stepped back and admired my newly mopped bathroom floor.


  1. Hahhahah! Hilarious!! Sooooo cute!!

  2. This is not unlike how I wash my bathroom and kitchen floors, and I'm 30.