Ruffle Bustle Skirt

This is an upcycled skirt I made for a friend's daughter using Lil Blue Boo's free pattern.  Frankly, with the state of my morning (screaming, fussy baby - touching everything toddler - overflowing washing machine) its a miracle I've gotten anything done, let alone a sewing project.  It's 11am and I already ready for a drink...

This was made in 18-24M size, but as you can see, the fabric is super stretchy.  I'm not 100% satisfied with this - I cut the back piece above the bustle too short.  But I was rushed and my mind was elsewhere so all things considered, it's a cute skirt.
I wasn't able to get any good pictures because Ikaika basically sobbed the entire time I forced him to wear it (with promises of delicious snacks as motivation/bribe).  I guess he's not into wearing girl clothes, which should make his father happy.

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